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Contact me TODAY to enjoy the benefits of Costa Rica Residency at +506-8373-2085 In Costa Rica or 305-906-6784 from the USA Or email me at We keep the application process simple. In most cases, all you need to do is to provide us with the key documents and be available to be fingerprinted. We do everything else.

The Due diligence process!

 The Due diligence processIt is always important to do the due diligence process right on any property that will be used for a loan. We follow a very rigid guideline to ensure that the property is suitable and qualifies as a good loan for Gap investors. Many people think they can ask their lawyer to do the due diligence on the loan. This is sometimes a mistake. Why? Because it is not really worthwhile for a lawyer to make a recommendation, as he could be liable if the borrower does not pay. Considering what the legal fees are, a lawyer might not want to be exposed to the liability, if there is a foreclosure. Lawyers often say to us “We are not real estate experts in that area”. Following that train of thought, they may not be able to assess the true property value and are likely to trash the loan, (even if it is a good loan) rather than have to do all the research and take all that responsibility in that particular area. Additional fees are likely, as many lawyer’s demand way too much unnecessary information. Lawyers would rather say no to the loan rather than miscalculate, or take responsibility for the loan.

With over 30 years combined experience, we know how to assess property values in order to give the right LTV (loan to Value ration). This analysis is key when evaluating whether a loan is suitable or not. Although 50% is as high as we go, however we prefer to be on the lower end of that scale. Unfortunately, you can never make money by saying “no” to an investment. Our job is to create a steady, fixed income for you. You need to invest your money into something in order to achieve a good return on your investment. Many lenders ask us if we think they are ready to assess a loan on their own here in Costa Rica. The answer is no, we have processed 100’s of loans with no foreclosures to date! This only comes through years of experience and being able to assess loans properly! For more information on how to qualify for a loan or become a lender, go to our “contact us” tab of our web page.

Investors, earn great returns with terms that suit your needs.

Investors, INVEST $100,000 Today and Earn $1000 Per Month.

Investors, earn great returns with terms that suit your needs.

Make safe, consistent returns on your investment each and every month, by lending on home equity in Costa Rica, secured by a mortgage lien on the title.

Gap Investors brokers’ equity loans to homeowners so that they can renovate their home, buy a new car, or consolidate their debts and more.Private lenders like YOU can lend as little as $50,000 and up!

Gap Investors Ltda brokers a wide range of equity loans between a borrower and a lender (or a group of lenders). We broker small home equity loans, as low as $50,000, typically with a single lender, for home improvement, vehicle purchases, education, or financing the borrower’s small business, typically secured by a mortgage lien. We also broker financing for large development projects. For larger loans the collateral property is usually held in trust for the duration of the loan.

What do I need to know about investing in Costa Rica?

What do I need to know about investing in Costa RicaIn Costa Rica, pursuing a traditional bank loan can be extremely time consuming, expensive, with double digit interest rates and require and enormous amount of paper work. Gap Investors provides loans for 1-3 year terms, therefore filling the “gap” quickly and efficiently for qualified borrowers looking for short term solutions.

Gap investors has well-trained professionals acting in the best interest of borrowers and the investors they represent.  The industry has changed significantly over the last decade and Gap Investors has emerged as a conduit between you and qualified investment opportunities.

What are some of the ways I can participate in a private/hard money loan?
There are many ways you can participate in a private money loan transaction. You can fund a new loan, buy an existing loan, invest in a mortgage pool, or combine your investments in a fractionalized note with other investors.

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How to Make Money in Costa Rica.

When it comes to earning a living, it is not just the money that you make but how much you can keep that will determine the way you live. In the United States and Canada much of our income is eaten up by cost of living expenses that prevent many people from achieving the lifestyle they really want in life.

It’s little wonder why more people are considering moving to Costa Rica, a country that offers a number of advantages along with its stunning location as the place to live, work and retire.

Why Costa Rica is Becoming So Popular

Although many of the countries in Central America we hear about in the news have serious issues with poverty, crime and lack of opportunity, Costa Rica has taken a far different path. Costa Rica has no army and has lived in peace and harmony for decades. The extraordinary landscape that ranges from beautiful beaches to stunning mountain locations has built up the tourism industry to the point where many Costa Ricans enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The number of Americans who now call Costa Rica home is roughly 100,000 and growing daily. Because of the low cost of living combined with its modern conveniences, Costa Rica is a very attractive place to retire and to work as well.

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