$40,000 Equity Loan Needed For a property in Santa Theresa

$40,000 Equity Loan Needed For a property in Santa Theresa to purchase a Solar system in order to reduce Electricity bill to ZERO.


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Property Loan Details
Purpose of the loan is to purchase a $38,000.00 Solar system for a personal residence. The collateral will be a lot in the absolute best location in Santa Theresa.  We are only interested in this loan because the collateral is in the center of downtown Santa Theresa, on the main road.  Perfect commercial location.

The borrower is willing to pay 12% Interest per year.
Amount Requested: $40,000 US dollars
Loan-to-Value Ratio:  About 

Term desired:  3 years 
Property Location: Santa Theresa
Land Measurements: 1200 m2
Fast Sale Value:  $150,000 
Description: The Main Street of Santa Theresa, parallel to Super Fresco near BCR. This is the heart of Santa Theresa on the golden mile, close to one of Costa Ricas premier beaches.



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